What is Roller Derby?

Rules of Roller Derby

Wondering what the rules are for derby?

Here are a few notes and illustrations to help you understand how the game is played:

Roller Derby is played on quad-skates. Five skaters from each team are allowed on the track at once. Skaters move in a counter-clockwise direction. Each team has one scoring position, called the jammer. Jammers are designated by a star worn on the helmet and start behind the other skaters. The other four positions on each team are called blockers and make up what is known as the pack. When the whistle is blown the pack and jammers begin to skate. The jammers try to move through the pack. Blockers try to keep the jammer from the opposing team from getting through while trying to help their own jammer. Jammers score points by passing members of the opposite team while remaining in-bounds.

For official rules and regulations, please visit www.wftda.com/rules